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It is not uncommon that several months pass by between the completion of an implant training programme and the treatment of the first real implant patient. To allow you to refresh or deepen your training knowledge anytime, we have created a new and unique self-learning platform.

“Our Smart eLearning materials are 100%
harmonised with the content covered during classroom training. By being accessible 24 / 7, they allow you to dive deeper into specific implant-related aspects at your own pace.”

Kathy Jack
Education Manager & ITI Administrator UK & Ireland


Giving you peace of mind.

Support from a personal mentor is critical to ensure that dental professionals feel enabled and confident to begin and continue to place implants successfully. Therefore, mentoring is a key pillar of the Smart solution.

The Smart* mentoring programme facilitates the transfer of knowledge:

  • One-on-one supervision by an experienced implantologist
  • Practice-based mentoring for the treatment of your first implant patients
  • Support with patient selection, treatment planning, implant surgery, and the related restorative work in the clinical environment
  • Expert assessments and feedback
  • Gain confidence to acquire suitable implant patients, increase treatment acceptance in your practice and grow your implant volume

*additional fees apply

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Smart online education provides you with:

  • A unique 24 / 7 self-study opportunity 
  • Exclusive access to an optimal mix of practice-oriented training materials such as:
    • Interactive PDFs comprising of implant-related clinical theory and information on the step-by-step use of Straumann® key products
    • Clinical videos
    • Checklists, editable forms, patient information, and more
    • Technical product information
    • Self-assessment tests
    • Access to selected ITI* Online Academy learning modules

* The International Team for Implantology (ITI) is one of the largest independent academic organisations in implant dentistry and the related field of tissue regeneration. For more than 30 years, Straumann has enjoyed a unique partnership with the ITI. This partnership has contributed significantly to Straumann’s reputation as the evidence-based partner of choice for dental professionals. 

Simple product portfolio.

Getting you off to a
quick start.

Dentists who step into implantology are confronted with a huge number of implant systems and com­ponents from different manufacturers to choose from. Selecting a reliable implant partner and optimal products for the treatment of a specific clinical indication is therefore not as easy as it might seem.

Straumann® Smart helps reduce complexity by introducing only a limited number of key products.

Keep things simple with the streamlined
Smart portfolio:

  • Products aligned with renowned implantologists

  • Suitable for the treatment of Straightforward implant indications

    • Posterior single tooth cases

    • Small posterior bridges

    • Simple removable overdentures for the mandible

  • Two implant lines

  • Most commonly used healing components

  • Open- and closed-tray impression parts

  • Reduced abutment portfolio

Lab communication.

Make your work flow.

In implant dentistry, a close interaction and effective communication between the implantologist and dental technician is crucial for a successful treatment outcome.

Straumann® Smart is designed to help you understand which information you should share with your lab partner, and how to best communicate at specific milestones throughout the treatment process to achieve the best possible results efficiently.

Straumann® Smart lab communication:

  • Provides guidance on how to communicate with your lab partner on the specific requirements to fabricate a surgical drill template
  • Helps you understand which information is required by your dental technician to obtain the desired final prosthesis


Giving you peace of mind.

Becoming a successful implantologist involves more than just placing implants. Dental professionals need to market the implant services they provide, educate their patients on different treatment options and be able to convince them to decide for an implant treatment.

What people say about SMART®.

With Straumann® Smart you will have full access to:

Training materials that explain:

  • How to structure a successful patient consultation
  • How to discuss the optimal treatment plan with your patient along with risks, benefits and alternatives
  • How to obtain your patient’s informed consent

Patient information and marketing tools that you can use on the internet and social media channels as well as in your dental practice such as:

  • Patient literature
  • Ready-made templates for patient communication
  • 3:1 models

Immerse yourself.

in the world of implantology
with Straumann® Smart.

Straumann® Smart is a holistic solution specifically developed to enable dentists to successfully start and continue placing and/or restoring dental implants in straightforward patient cases. Smart is designed to help dental professionals grow their implant business quickly and with confidence.


An on-site curriculum combining clinical education and practical product training tailored to the needs of starters.


Helps reduce complexity by initially introducing only a limited number of key products.


A unique online education platform
allowing dentists to update their knowledge 24/7.


Guidelines on when and what to communicate to the dental technician.


One-on-one supervision by experienced implantologists to build confidence and provide peace of mind.


Training and demo materials for patient
consultation and tools for online and offline practice marketing.